'Fresh and vivid designs for home and friends'

Welcome to The Hare in the Sweater

"Hi, I’m Sam at TheHareintheSweater.com, an online shop that has grown almost by accident. Originally, I just wanted to find a way to sell my drawings but quickly realised that hand-making cards was never going to work so I took my designs to our local printers in the next village, and they transformed my cards into multiples that looked like a finished product. Better still, when I took them to shops, they sold!

"The thrill of seeing a design in print is irresistible and so, with encouragement from friends and family, I began to work with other British manufacturers to produce ceramics, tea towels and, most recently, coasters. Six years later, here we are – and my cards are still produced by the same printers today. I hope you like what you see."

About Sam

Sam Purcell studied art at Winchester and Brighton and now lives with her family near Oundle in rural Northamptonshire. Working from her garden studio she formed Sam Purcell Designs in 2015 and The Hare in the Sweater two years later.

“Creating pieces for the home is a real thrill because my interior space is vitally important to me. Ideas come from my day to day life and surroundings – from wildlife encountered on dog walks or simply from treasured pieces in my home.

“Hares are a frequent subject because they are so popular with customers and also because I love drawing them! Putting them in sweaters added a new, light-hearted dynamic and an opportunity to create patterns drawn from different influences."

Contacting us

We regularly update our collections of homeware and greetings cards, and you can follow Sam’s work on Instagram: @sampurcellhareinthesweater

For more information regarding our range of homeware and greetings cards, please email info@thehareinthesweater.com. We are always happy to answer your queries.

Many thanks.